One of my new favorite bloggers  (Shaping Youth) recently posted a story about “Big Think”, a YouTube-ish site that aims to facilitate conversation about thought provoking topics and ideas. Topics range from religion to philosphophy to history and the media or anything else you can think of. Site users (anyone can join) can respond to existing ‘Big Think’ ideas and topics, either through written response, video or audio. More importantly, users can create their own ideas in any medium, and open it up for discussion.

Here is a video on Love & Happiness – Leaving your mark

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Big Think is a great concept, what will be interesting is if it will be used and if this will inspire users by giving them an place specifically to discuss creative, thought-provoking ideas. A lot will depend on how the folks behind Big Think approach this. I can see it potentially being used as part of a curriculum for school projects and the like, or being connected to facebook and similar community sites.

What I don’t like is their concept of  ‘experts’. How are ‘experts’ defined? While I understand the need to ‘seed’ content to get the ball rolling, this may come off as a bit pretentious and turn some folks off….

Check it out and let me know what you think!