The Book of Bad Choices

I was working on my laptop at the dining room table the other day when my 9 year old daughter came running downstairs with some paper in-hand, asking if she could talk to me. She sat down in the chair next to me and told me that I needed to pay attention for this.

I looked up from my laptop, giving my undivided attention as she proceeded to ask me “now Mom, what bad choices did you make today?”

I quickly noticed that she was wearing a home-made badge that said “Bad Choice Police” and chuckled to myself. My response was that I did not exercise and I had a soda instead of water at lunch. She was very focused as she wrote in her book – and then flew off into the living room.

Later on, I noticed that she was giving the cat a stern talking-to about the fact that he was chewing on the electrical cord behind the Christmas tree. She wrote something down and quickly ran upstairs where later I heard my teenage son kicking her out of his room. She probably asked him what bad choices he had made that day, and being that he is 15 I am sure he must have given the “have you lost your mind and do you EVEN think I would tell you?” look.

Later on she was on to another activity and I noticed her stack of papers on the table. As I looked closer I saw that she had made it into a book and on the cover it said “Book of Bad Choices“.

When I looked inside I saw that she had taken notes during the day, and actually deducted points to each of us for the bad choices we had made. She is the only one in my life who keeps me on track, she is the most awesome (and funny) daughter ever!

6 thoughts on “The Book of Bad Choices

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  1. So cute. Kids are wonderful at keeping us on track. Usually it’s the first born that knows the rules backwards and forwards. What a cute project to do. Maybe the flip side of the book could be “Book of Forgivness”. Too funny! Kids are such a blessing!

  2. Thanks for commenting! She writes books ALL the time. She is working on a series right now, but the “Book of Bad Choices” is by far one of the funniest!

  3. That child needs published! 🙂 Why don’t you post some of them on your blog so she feels empowered as an “author” of the Book of Bad Choices? Better yet, publish them on mine! (Shaping Youth!) We’d love to have her! Kids get a kick out of seeing their work “in print” and you might just have a budding media maven there! She sounds like a hoot…Bravo!

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