About Me

I am a mom, executive, daughter, sister, pet-lover, friend, neighbor, nature enthusiast,  and semi-geek just trying to find my way after being lost for a really long time. I recently climbed off the corporate ladder so that I can dedicate more time to learning about who I am. It is a journey long overdue for me.

My obsession with the Internet

The age of the Internet opened many doors for those committed to making change happen in ways never before imaginable. The walls have come down, people are connecting with each other, and the power of community is beginning to rock the online (and offline) world.

I am obsessed with learning about how people are using the internet in unique ways to make a difference, be innovative, create community, connect with each other, have fun, improve their lives, and make the world a better place. I am beginning to realize that the Internet enables us to do some really amazing things, and I am eager to be part of it.

In 1994, while working at a scientific organization, I launched my first website, along with several online journals and databases. I have been fascinated with the Internet ever since. My background includes a mix of magazine and journal publishing, web development and design, Internet and new media strategy, communications, as well as overall information technology strategy and management. All that said, I can pretty much do anything if I put my mind to it.

More than anything, I am on a mission to spend my time on things that are meaningful, creative, make a positive difference, and that feed my soul.

Whether it is helping someone learn and grow, working with organizations to use technology and the Internet to achieve their mission, or simply blogging positive messages – I believe that we all have a responsibility every day to make it really matter. The good news is that with each new day, we have yet another opportunity to get it right.

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  1. Interesting…I am an executive, Dad, fascinated by the internet and what people can do with it and have done with it.

    I have a blog too…it’s not this deep kind of blog. I can’t lay my soul bare…not because I don’t want people to see it…because it takes so much out of me in energy and emotion to express it… Looks as if you have been at it for a while (August 2005)…

    I’m interested to learn a little more about you…

  2. This does take a lot of energy – sometimes I shut down and cant write for a while. Overall it’s pretty therapeutic. There are a lot of things that I still can’t seem to write about – not sure what I am scared of other than coming out of denial 🙂

    What do I have to lose anyway? I think this is a most excellent topic to blog about. Thanks for inspiring me!

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