Big Think

One of my new favorite bloggers  (Shaping Youth) recently posted a story about "Big Think", a YouTube-ish site that aims to facilitate conversation about thought provoking topics and ideas. Topics range from religion to philosphophy to history and the media or anything else you can think of. Site users (anyone can join) can respond to existing... Continue Reading →

Thankful for Thirty: Day 15: Courage

After 20 successful years of working for non-profit organizations, I have decided to leave the Association world and try my hand at consulting. I have joined a very small, women-owned company to head up their Internet and new media strategy efforts.   I am scared and excited at the same time – this is a... Continue Reading →

Tagged – now I’m it!

Neil Payne recently tagged me in this post after he was tagged by a good friend. I usually do not play along with this type of thing, but given that I have mad crazy respect for Neil - I will do it. Rules: Having been tagged, I have to blog 5 things about myself that... Continue Reading →

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