The Blurry Line of Social Media

As many of you – I spend a lot of time online both personally and professionally. In the age of Social Media, I use a variety of community outlets such as facebook, flickr, youtube, linkedin, twitter, stumbleupon, for both aspects of my life (personal and professional) – and the line between the two is... Continue Reading →

most un-favorite things: part one

mean, negative people when the temperature is above 80 degrees farenheit escargot pantyhose flavored coffee cigarettes/smoking agressive drivers business suits wal-mart websites that won't let you leave McMansions

Technology and a day in real life

There is something very un-Zen about all of this. No wonder why I want to move to the mountains and live like a hobbit. It is probably questionable whether the spiffy electronic coffee pot can be considered technology. Or the microwave. Or the high-performance dishwasher.  Either way, these are just one example of a day in my oh-so-plugged-in life. 5:00 am: cell phone... Continue Reading →

Big Think

One of my new favorite bloggers  (Shaping Youth) recently posted a story about "Big Think", a YouTube-ish site that aims to facilitate conversation about thought provoking topics and ideas. Topics range from religion to philosphophy to history and the media or anything else you can think of. Site users (anyone can join) can respond to existing... Continue Reading →

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