7 Things

7 things I want out of life.
It’s very “Harry” of me, don’t you think?

Here goes:

  1. To live in a place that feeds my soul – most likely in or near the mountains on a few heavily-wooded acres, with a small cozy home that allows me to appreciate my surroundings.
  2. To have work that makes my heart sing – a way to give back and contribute and to help uplift the lives of those less fortunate
  3. To have a comfortable income, money in the bank and financial security – or enough to live comfortably without worry, and to take care of my family
  4. To be a Lifelong learner – languages, the arts, history – you name it and I am eager to learn…
  5. To be healthy and fit
  6. To have relationships that feed my soul, and my intellect
  7. To have my children be healthy, happy and confident

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