Thankful for Thirty: Day 2: Washington, DC

I have lived and worked in the Washington, DC metropolitan area since 1981. It seems surreal that it has been so long, but it is true. I spent 12 years living in various parts of the city while working and going to school. I was reminded of how special DC is yesterday when my daughter and I took a short trip to the national arboretum. In all the years I have lived and worked in the area I never once visited this place. It was a fabulous day and ended up being a great escape from our daily routine 

 Capitol Columns from the 1800's live here at the National Arboretum

DC is a beautiful city, I have written about this before. Great personality, music, arts, architecture and a very diverse population. It is a great walking city with lots of parks and trees everywhere you go. While it may be very stressful at times, I wouldn’t want to live in or near any other major metropolitan area. DC is it for me.

Thus far, I have had a very successful life in this area. I am thankful for it’s abundance, beauty and culture.


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