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Magnolia in Bloom

magnolia by Forceofhobbit
magnolia, a photo by Forceofhobbit on Flickr.

Longwood Gardens Spring 2009

Little D and I went to PA on Saturday – it was a beautiful, hot, sunny day. Longwood was beautiful – complete with tree houses and an Arbor Day celebration. The water gardens were under construction though – and we were sad to miss it. It was also a bit early in the season so the idea garden was just beginning to sprout.

All-n-all it was a beautiful day and provided inspiration for us all…

Summer 2008: things to look forward to

looking forward to:

  • evenings by the pool
  • reading great books
  • hikes in the mountains
  • grilling on my deck
  • weekend mini adventures
  • pomegranate margaritas with my friendly neighbor
  • spending time with my children and my niece
  • harry & the potters show @ the black cat in DC
  • watching my garden bloom
  • cooking with herbs that I grow
  • planning my trip to Scotland
  • shopping at the farmers market
  • taking great photos with my uber-awesome digital camera

1804 Inn and Barboursville Vineyard

My best friend and I recently spent the night at the 1804 Inn at Barboursville Vineyards. Located about 20 minutes north of Charlottesville, the inn and its surroundings are steeped in history – and beauty. Needless to say, it was VERY difficult to leave.

the short list

Here is a short list of things that I would like to have:

Harry Potter Box Set1. Harry Potter Box Set books 1-7

This is awesome. I cannot wait to get this. Perhaps santa will bring it?

2. Two beautiful Garden books:
In search of paradiseGardens in TimeIn Search of Paradise: Great Gardens of the World and Gardens in Time
3. These shoes Poetic License Shoesby Poetic License
Keen Hiking4. Keen Hybrid Hiking Shoes
Canon Digital Rebel XT5. Canon Digital Rebel XT camera

Thankful for Thirty: Day 2: Washington, DC

I have lived and worked in the Washington, DC metropolitan area since 1981. It seems surreal that it has been so long, but it is true. I spent 12 years living in various parts of the city while working and going to school. I was reminded of how special DC is yesterday when my daughter and I took a short trip to the national arboretum. In all the years I have lived and worked in the area I never once visited this place. It was a fabulous day and ended up being a great escape from our daily routine 

 Capitol Columns from the 1800's live here at the National Arboretum

DC is a beautiful city, I have written about this before. Great personality, music, arts, architecture and a very diverse population. It is a great walking city with lots of parks and trees everywhere you go. While it may be very stressful at times, I wouldn’t want to live in or near any other major metropolitan area. DC is it for me.

Thus far, I have had a very successful life in this area. I am thankful for it’s abundance, beauty and culture.


A brief escape: Hillwood Museum & Gardens

A few of us escaped from work today to check out a beautiful estate/museum nearby, Hillwood Museum & Gardens.

Marjorie Merriweather Post acquired Hillwood in 1955 and created a series of pleasure gardens for her leisure and the entertainment of her guests.  Being that this is only 1 mile away from the office, we enjoyed a few hours investigating the gardens and touring the house.

Brief Update: Some Personal Stats

I ran across a “brief update” entry that posted recently. Thinking it was a good idea, I decided to be not-so-original and post one for myself:

A short list of where I am now in my life:

 Job: VP Information Management (IT) and Chief Information Officer

What I like best about my job: Our mission is to improve the lives of the elderly – I love working for non profit organizations that have a people-oriented mission!

Born: 1963, Brooklyn, NY

Education: Yes! University of the Virgin Islands, American University and University of the District of Columbia – (yes I moved around a lot) but never actually graduated (that is hard to tell people)

Places lived: Brooklyn, NY; Parsippany, NJ; Dobbs Ferry, NY; St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands; Richmond, CA; Washington, DC; Alexandria, VA; Springfield, VA

Favorite candle: Indonesian Teak from World Market – or Euphoria from Aveda

Favorite place to shop: Target, World Market or anywhere in San Francisco

Favorite Quotation: “Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can’t see where it keeps its brain.”
— J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, 1999

Last good movie: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Last book I read: Over Sea, Under Stone by Susan Cooper

Like to watch: Top Chef, Ace of Cakes , Iron Chef America, (is there a theme here?), the Tudors, the Travel Channel

Favorite pig out food: Frankenberry cereal, Nachos, other appetizers, rice

Favorite music or artist: I go through phases with music. My top three genres are: Reggae, Alternative Rock, Real Jazz (coltrane, etc)

Person I admire: JK Rowling and my friend Chris

Three words that describe me: unconventional, giving, silly, pretty darn smart

Like to do in my spare time: read, cook, go on short adventures, laugh, and hug my kids

If I’ve learned something in life, it is: Now is the time

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