It was an absolutely amazing day today. A picture perfect sky, the air was fresh and cool with a soft warm breeze. It even smells great.

I am feeling absolutely exhausted. Mentally, emotionally, physically – all of the above. I just need to be honest. So there you have it. I am working very hard to be thankful for things (reading this blog can tell you that) but sometimes I am just so freakin tired.

I have to go to back to school night now, so as not to disappoint my 3rd grader. Tomorrow night is back to school for my teen son, who is, by the way, in his room sulking right now because I blew up at him about not doing his school work. He is 15 and so very good at it. He hates school and is completely not motivated. I am at wit’s end about that. How can I help him find his motivation? Any (appropriate) suggestions are welcome. In the meantime I will try to keep my cool.

I will go upstairs now and try to make myself look as un-tired as possible so that I don’t come off as being the mom that sucks when I visit my daughters school tonite. Wish me luck.