Ok, so yesterday it was my morning workout with Jen. I was the only one there – so her torture was very focused on me.

She also brought her friend Bertha (that damn tire) along for the workout. Somehow I knew this because I had a premonition that I would be working out with her this morning. Bertha is not my friend. 

Here is what I think we did (it was, after all, VERY early):

  • Warm up J. Jacks with 15lb DB
  • Broad Jump doing high steps between
  • Tire Pull (Bertha) with 15# DB inside
  • Up downs. Which are started in pushup position then down on forearms and back up – 2 sets i think
  • Russian twists with medicine ball – 2 sets methinks
  • Tire pull again – this time with 2 15lb weights inside. I really hate Bertha. She makes me feel like I am running in place.
  • Ball cleans
  • More Ball cleans