The small things

Because I like lists, here is a list of small things that I am thankful for right now:

  • Daryn playing in her room and singing songs to herself all evening
  • A new season of ‘ROME’ starts this Sunday
  • The fact that with each crossfit workout I feel stronger and more fit
  • David’s random hugs – and the fact that he tells me that he loves me several times every day
  • My amazing friends and colleagues who continue to inspire me every day
  • The upcoming Lord of the Rings movie festival at Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse this spring

and now a list of small things that are annoying me right now:

  • network television
  • the news
  • my haircut
  • my messy house, and the thought of having to clean it
  • gangster rap
  • my lack of discipline when it comes to watermelon sour patch kids

Things that are causing great stress and anxiety for me:

  • The husband
  • Not having a companion to share experiences and special moments with
  • My weight
  • David’s high school success
  • Saving money

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