working out

I worked out VERY hard last night – to the point where aftwerwards my body was aching, sore and stiff. I did a 50 minute FIRM Cardio Sculpt video – which includes compex lunges, dips, squats with heavy weights, combined with cardio moves in between. Then I did 34 minutes averaging 3.9 mph uphill on the treadmill. It was very hard for me, especially since I am significantly overweight and have not exercised consistently since I hurt my hip in july. I hope I can keep this up.

Afterwards, I streteched and took a hot shower. My body was exhausted by the time I went to bed, and today I am feeling really tired (shouldn’t I feel exhilerated?) but the muscle soreness feels good. Especialy behind my shoulder blade, down my side and my hamstrings.

I just got back from my annual checkup where I told my doctor that in my view, my most serious health concern is my weight. That being true, I need to continue on my quest to improve my overall health and weight is a key factor.

I am still keeping up with my FitDay Journal so please take a look.

Wish me luck.

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