Uber-geeky holiday wish list

I was recently asked about my holiday wish list. My mature, responsible self tried to respond with pleas for world peace and an end to poverty. My selfish, all-about-me self responded with this:

I like themes – this year it’s all very Jeffersonian:

Thomas Jefferson’s Scrapbooks: Poems of Nation, Family and Romantic Love Collected by America’s Third President

A 2 night stay at this bed & breakfast which was designed by Thomas Jefferson, along with dinner and a wine-tasting at the vineyard:

Weekend Seminar:
Full tuition for The University of Virginia Travel & Learn series: Jefferson Weekend Seminar – THOMAS JEFFERSON AND THE DEMOCRATIC REVOLUTION IN AMERICA

A 1 year subscription to the Virginia Wine of the Month club

Amazon Kindle – so I can read my favorite Jeffersonian books wherever I go

What’s on your list?

3 thoughts on “Uber-geeky holiday wish list

Add yours

  1. My Christmas wish list is usually books, books, and more books. My birthday wish list, however, is always plants, plants, and more plants. I know, I live such an exciting life.

  2. Susan! I am a big fan of your lists. Whimsical, revealing, and sometimes downright funny. I’m just not that organized. I sort of have my own unwritten list in my head that I read (and I am generally shocked by) as necessity warrants.
    However I have been so inspired by your lists that I have attempted to jot down my own. Invariably though, after a few hours of true inspiration, it turns out my highly polished new list is a rip-off of yours…I am too weak minded. So…I have a request.. could you possibly let me know your list themes before you actually do your list so I have a shot at originality?

  3. You’know “writing something on Susan’s Blog” has been on my list for years!
    so there!
    now I have done it!
    …twice in five minutes!

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