Uber-geeky holiday wish list

I was recently asked about my holiday wish list. My mature, responsible self tried to respond with pleas for world peace and an end to poverty. My selfish, all-about-me self responded with this: I like themes – this year it's all very Jeffersonian: Book: Thomas Jefferson's Scrapbooks: Poems of Nation, Family and Romantic Love Collected... Continue Reading →

Robert the Penguin on Zazzle

robert the penguin | my zazzle store: GeekPress So little D has been writing a series of graphic novels for about a year now, based on her character Robert the Penguin. Today she decided to take create a line of clothing as well. I used to use cafepress for this sort of stuff but I... Continue Reading →

Books I read in 2008

For many reasons, it has been way too long since I have posted. Now that the new year has begun, I thought I would do a few posts about 2008. Since I have been reading more than usual as of late, this is probably a good place to begin. I am proud to say that... Continue Reading →

My Outlander Obsession

I have spent the past several months living in 1700’s Scotland with a beautiful time-traveling woman, kilted clansmen, a brief stay in Paris - then on to colonial America. All of this includes page turning adventure along with an intense and passionate love story intertwined with fascinating historical facts. I am so obsessed that I... Continue Reading →

Summer 2008: things to look forward to

looking forward to: evenings by the pool reading great books hikes in the mountains grilling on my deck weekend mini adventures pomegranate margaritas with my friendly neighbor spending time with my children and my niece harry & the potters show @ the black cat in DC watching my garden bloom cooking with herbs that I grow... Continue Reading →

Final Harry Potter film to be in 2 parts

One of my favorite fansites, The Leaky Cauldron, just announced that the final Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, will be broken into 2 parts with David Yates as the Director and Steven Kloves rounding out the series as screenwriter. Accourding to Leaky News, "The movies are to be filmed at the... Continue Reading →

The Blurry Line of Social Media

As many of you – I spend a lot of time online both personally and professionally. In the age of Social Media, I use a variety of community outlets such as facebook, flickr, youtube, linkedin, twitter, stumbleupon, de.licio.us for both aspects of my life (personal and professional) – and the line between the two is... Continue Reading →

What’s playing on my iPOD?

Here is what I have been listening to as of late: Soundtrack from the movie "Marie Antionette" which has an eclectic mix of music - mainly vintage "postpunk" along with some classical tunes Sigur Rós, a very ethereal icelandic rock band introduced to my by my niece Sum 41 (I can't help it) - because... Continue Reading →

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