My sister teaches here – they are a private, tuition-free middle school that provides a nurturing and safe environment for low-income kids to excel academically and in life. It is fantastic program with a student-teacher ratio of 10-1. They are privately funded and, like many, have been hit hard by our struggling economy.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of donations, they may have to close their doors for good – within weeks. I have met some of these children, many coming from broken homes and tragic backgrounds, and they humble me. They are inspiring and gifted – and against all odds are able see the possibilities of who they are and who they can become. Imago Dei helps them along this journey.

Imago Dei is a 501c3 charitable organization, so your donations are tax deductible. Will you help?

Contribute online (they use Groundspring).

Learn more about Imago Dei (their website)

See them in action: