13 things about me

  1. I don’t watch much TV – in particular major networks. Well – it’s mainly crime dramas and reality shows that make me cringe.
  2. If possible, I don’t watch or the news – it’s depressing. I figure that I am online so much and will find out what I need to know eventually anyway.
  3. I live in the DC area and can’t stand politics. ‘nuf said.
  4. No, I do not like the movie “Dirty Dancing” – and never have.
  5. I don’t wear business suits (and never have)
  6. Baseball, Football, Basketball – you can have ’em. Give me soccer or xtreme sports any day.
  7. I didn’t have an average childhood. Born in Brooklyn but yanked out of the New York culture at an early age. I ended up living in the Caribbean until my 2nd year of college.
  8. I mostly listen to reggae music, underground hip-hop, and much of what my 16 year old listens to that makes me like to scream along. And no, I do not like most current R&B and I can’t stand DMB.
  9.  I aim to live in a small 1930’s bungalow style house with a small cottage garden so I can paint it crazy colors and drink iced tea with mint (perhaps with some special additives) and grow tomatoes in my backyard.
  10. I don’t think that school should ever get in the way of education
  11. Networking events are difficult for me – at best.
  12. I want to get a tattoo written in Elvish on my wrist
  13. My dream vacation consists of hiking the highlands of Scotland, visiting Middle-Earth in New Zealand, and taking a cruise to Alaska

This is a short list, mind you. But I think it begins to paint a clear picture.

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