Things I love today

My latest obsessions - reminding me that sometimes it's the little things that bring big enjoyment out of life. 1. dwell magazine. Having always been obsessed with magazines - this is my latest craze. Full of ideas on architecture and interior design, all with a 'sustainability' edge. This magazine keeps me focused on how I... Continue Reading →

13 things about me

I don't watch much TV - in particular major networks. Well - it's mainly crime dramas and reality shows that make me cringe. If possible, I don't watch or the news - it's depressing. I figure that I am online so much and will find out what I need to know eventually anyway. I live in the DC... Continue Reading →

more things to look forward to

John Adams series on HBO Springtime Long walks in the woods A visit from my sister Planning my trip to Scotland Weekend getaways Reading books lined up in my queue: Persuasion, The Children of Hurin, John Adams

favorite things: part one

*This post inspired by my long-lost younger sister spending time with my daughter in the woods searching for evidence of fairies and other magical beings hiking in the woods and listening to how it sounds thunderstorms, and the sound of rain the smell of morning Target cooking during a snowstorm, listening to coltrane with the... Continue Reading →

Things I wish you could have known

Dear mom - I was thinking about you again and how so many things I experience these days remind me of you. Here are some things I think you would have appreciated: 1. My children. they are good-natured, sweet and insightful. All gifts that you gave me and I passed on to them. 2. Where I live.... Continue Reading →

the short list

Here is a short list of things that I would like to have: 1. Harry Potter Box Set books 1-7 This is awesome. I cannot wait to get this. Perhaps santa will bring it? 2. Two beautiful Garden books: In Search of Paradise: Great Gardens of the World and Gardens in Time 3. These shoes... Continue Reading →

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