favorite things: part one

*This post inspired by my long-lost younger sister
  • spending time with my daughter in the woods searching for evidence of fairies and other magical beings
  • hiking in the woods and listening to how it sounds
  • thunderstorms, and the sound of rain
  • the smell of morning
  • Target
  • cooking during a snowstorm, listening to coltrane with the fireplace going and I am slowly sipping on a glorious glass of cabernet
  • the mountains
  • picnics at the vineyard
  • Autumn
  • zappos.com (you are right Debbie!)
  • my new Canon digital SLR camera (especially when I can figure out how it works)
  • Charlottesville
  • Listening to my daughter sing when she thinks no one is listening
  • when my son shares his new music with me
  • planning future adventures
  • bungalow-style houses, like this one

2 thoughts on “favorite things: part one

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  1. Whenever I get the chance, (like, when I’m up for a flight and I have to get up early) I walk out the front lawn and just breathe the air, the scenery, — just everything in! The smell of fresh air on a morning day is a nice surprise for late-risers finding themselves up early in the morning. Nice list!

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