being overwhelmed

i am tired. everyone wants something from me. they are mad at me when i don’t deliver. they are mad at me when i do. nothing is right, there is always a fight to get things done. I can’t do everything. I can’t even do most things. I need to pick a few things that are worth it and get them done, but how do I choose? Then I feel guilty for wasting time thinking about it. What do i do about the things that i dont get done? my cleaning, my laundry, getting the trash out of my car, reading to my daughter enough, exercising, saving money, cooking dinner, projects at work because there are too many. i am sinking. now it is too much, i went from feeling good and productive and strong to shutting down. a full on system shut down. that’s how i feel. 


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  1. {{{ hugs }}}

    Wandered in via the wordpress tag page and felt for you, as I feel that as well more days than Id like to admit.

    The only thing I can come up with is that there is no way, short of cloning, to be able to get everything done.

    I am working right now on figuring out the necessities of life and what I want to do and how to balance everything. So far I’m not having much luck but there’s still time before New Year’s when I hope to get myself “on track” so to speak.

    Mama kelly

  2. I think we all feel this way now & then. It’s part of life. When I get feeling like this I try my best to step back, and take stock of the things I value most in my life: friends, family, my dog. And I take heart in the fact that tomorrow is another day, and down the road I’ll look back on this day and laugh, or shrug and say “yeah, that sucked but I got through it”.

    So look forward to tomorrow!!!

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