Geekend update – Eaters Remorse

Ok, so i am a little late with my geekend update.

  • I am still suffering from Thanksgiving dinner hangover. Needless to say, I ate way too much over the past few days and now I am suffering from eaters remorse. Ugggh.
  • I will not discuss Big Dave, because he was really not around this weekend, and when he was – it was annoying because he managed to turn Thanksgiving holiday with his grown sons into a big Frat party. That’s all I am going to say about that.
  • Friday night we took Brandon to the airport – it was surprisingly empty. We said our goodbyes and all of us were sad and quiet in the car on the way back. So we went to Target. I was very excited to find that they had all of the Harry Potter DVD’s on sale for a mere $3.98. How cool is that? Too bad that I have 2 sets already.
  • After all of the excitement at Target, we went home and ate leftovers.
  • I spent most of Saturday shopping for holiday ornaments for my Harry Potter-themed Christmas tree. I was excited to find dragons and owls at world market, and they even had a buy one get one free sale! I also came up with the idea to make golden snitches out of gold christmas balls – I am such a genius! I am also going to make mini books to hang from the tree, including Hogwarts, a history and some of the other schoolbooks used in the stories. I already made miniature Harry Potter books last year.
  •  I took Jasper to the doggie groomer for the first time. I was worried that they would be mean to him because he is so big. $50 later I picked him up and he smelled much better, but he was mad at me. After a few hours at home, he got over it and gave me the look of love again.
  • After our day of shopping and grooming, we came home and ate leftovers.
  • Sunday was spent doing some laundry, cleaning, shopping onine for xmas presents and more harry potter christmas tree items. After such an exciting day, I had to settle down with a glass of wine and watch a movie (Failure to Launch). And then I ate leftovers.

So much excitement. Can you stand it?

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