Brief Update: Some Personal Stats

I ran across a "brief update" entry that posted recently. Thinking it was a good idea, I decided to be not-so-original and post one for myself: A short list of where I am now in my life:  Job: VP Information Management (IT) and Chief Information Officer What I like best about my job: Our... Continue Reading →

and the good news is…

I am sitting on my deck enjoying a beautiful morning - sipping on chai tea and watching the sun com through the trees The season premiere of HEX comes on tonight on BBC America The season finale of The Tudors is tomorrow night I am going on vacation in two weeks and plan to read... Continue Reading →

What’s on TV

I have unusual taste in TV shows. Since I stopped watching Oprah (after she decided to play God with the guy who wrote 'a million little pieces') and since Katie Couric left the Today show, I have all but given up on mainstream tv and major tv networks. I also do my best to not... Continue Reading →

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