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I took a week off from RL and escaped to one of my favorite places. The house that I stayed in inspired me beyond words – to the point where I left with more clarity than ever on how I want to live my life.

Summer 2008: things to look forward to

looking forward to:

  • evenings by the pool
  • reading great books
  • hikes in the mountains
  • grilling on my deck
  • weekend mini adventures
  • pomegranate margaritas with my friendly neighbor
  • spending time with my children and my niece
  • harry & the potters show @ the black cat in DC
  • watching my garden bloom
  • cooking with herbs that I grow
  • planning my trip to Scotland
  • shopping at the farmers market
  • taking great photos with my uber-awesome digital camera

Thankful for Thirty: Day 3: September dayz

Today was absolutely incandescent. Something about the clear sky combined with September sun and crisp air makes me feel so alive again, like I have come out of hibernation from the opressive heat and humidity that Virginia serves up in the summer time. I feel whole again when the weather is like this, my spirit renewed and my soul fed with the beauty and promise of autumn.

I grateful to have another day like this to enjoy. I will to celebrate this tonight among friends and colleagues.

A brief escape: Hillwood Museum & Gardens

A few of us escaped from work today to check out a beautiful estate/museum nearby, Hillwood Museum & Gardens.

Marjorie Merriweather Post acquired Hillwood in 1955 and created a series of pleasure gardens for her leisure and the entertainment of her guests.  Being that this is only 1 mile away from the office, we enjoyed a few hours investigating the gardens and touring the house.

Lazy Summer Days

My 8 year-old and her buddy are planning to start a punk-rock band. When I told them they would have to buy instruments, they decided to have an iced tea stand to make money. It was about 100 degrees outside but they were determined…

If you look closely at the picture, you will see “Iced Tea for a Band”

D is rockin’ the Harry Potter lightening-bolt part in her hair

Summer is winding down, we will remember these days…

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