Geekend Update: Best Day Ever

I was supposed to sand and refinish my stairs on Friday, but I never got to it. I found listening to jazz and sipping on a glass of Pinot Noir to be much more appealing. Saturday morning we wrapped up making our handmade Christmas ornaments, and then I headed to D.C. to drop Daryn off... Continue Reading →

Geekend update – aerobicleaning

Another installment about my exciting weekends...  Friday night I was still not feeling well from the past week's sinus infection, head-cold gone wrong. Friday during the day it was 75 degrees (can you believe it?) and sunny. The kids and I watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and fell to sleep on the... Continue Reading →

Geekend update – Eaters Remorse

Ok, so i am a little late with my geekend update. I am still suffering from Thanksgiving dinner hangover. Needless to say, I ate way too much over the past few days and now I am suffering from eaters remorse. Ugggh. I will not discuss Big Dave, because he was really not around this weekend,... Continue Reading →

Geekend Update – DIY Diva?

So I took the week off last week to work on some long overdue home improvements. The biggest milestone of the week involved Chris (thank you Chris!) - who came over and installed new lighting and switches in my kitchen and bathroom.  It seems like I had all week to do many things, but I... Continue Reading →

Geekend Update

Spent the evening Friday night with my new lavendar heated neck wrap, in my superman pajamas, sipping a glass of pinot noir and listening to the rain while I watched "don't tell mom the babysitters dead" with the kids. Passed out at about 9. Woke up Saturday morning and organized my Out of the Darkness Walk... Continue Reading →

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