Crossfit & Cleaning

While cleaning my house today, I incorporated a brief crossfit workout: 100 air squats in rounds of 20 100 lunges (50 on each leg while vacuuming) 10 laps (skipping steps) up and down my 4 flights of 6 steps while putting things away

Friday Crossfit

I will attempt to remember what we did this morning: ¬†warmup walk up and down ramp 1 round Tabata squats repeat 4 times: 10 1 arm thrusters w/12lb db (5 each side) Medicine ball toss sprint 1 lap Then: Run 400 meters 21 medicine ball slams Run 400 meters up ramps 15 medicine ball slams... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Crossfit

I worked out today to Linkin Park. Somehow angry music seems to really motivate me during my most grueling workouts. I made this one up too, I hope its ok. It certainly felt challenging. This workout took me a total of 45 minutes. I did girlie pushups - and doing 30 of them seems to... Continue Reading →

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