Crossfit @ 6am

Great workout this morning. Becky and I worked out with Jen. Here is what we did: Warmup with windmills 10 burpees Mountain climbers for 1 minute Run across Connecticut ave bridge - stop and do squats, lunges or boxer jumping jacks at each lamp post Run back Ball slams 2 sets of 20 with 15lb... Continue Reading →

All in my head?

If any of you have been reading my blog over the past few months, you will see a series of boring posts about my crossfit workouts. I love these workouts, they are extreme and painful but when I am done, I feel invincible! I am a very strong person (both physically and emotionally) and these... Continue Reading →

WOD for March 21st

Again, that is Workout of the Day: I woke up at 5am and was here by 6 ready for my workout. It was ok - but not very well planned out prior to my arrival. When I work out alone I like to have a plan in my head but I didn't, so this is... Continue Reading →

Crossfit today

Crossfit this morning was so challenging that both Becky and I wanted to throw up. Becky (my absolute favorite workout partner) and I met at 6am for a 45 minute long journey: Warmup: Powerwalk across the Connecticut Avenue bridge - the run back (total of about 400 meters) Then: Repeat the following sequence two times... Continue Reading →

Wednesday and a new attitude

I cut all of my hair off yesterday - not Britney style, but about 4 inches came off so now I can see my neck. It's all part of this exciting and sometimes scary transformation I seem to be going through. This morning I woke up at 4am and made it to work to do... Continue Reading →

WOD for March 6th

As promised - part of my March challenge is to accomplish 5 crossfit workouts each week. Since it's been a while, I started out small. Here is what I did:  10 Laps (quickly) up and down stairs (thats 24 stairs total x 10) 1 round tabata squats  Thats it. It was fun, it was hard.... Continue Reading →

WOD – Crossfit Queens

Becky and I met this morning and did a pretty intense workout:  Warm up - together 4 laps side shuffle 50 boxer jumping jacks 10 burpees Phase 1: Repeat the following a total of 3 rounds through: 20 thrusters with 2 – 15 lb dumbells 20 triceps dips off bench 20 deadlifts with 20 lb... Continue Reading →


this means workout of the day (learned this on Friday). Yeah, I am sorta slow sometimes. This workout was excruciatingly difficult  (mentally more than physically) for some reason. Here is what i did: Warmup 10 mins on treadmill walking/with incline: 3.5 mph Then: jogging/walking 1 mile (as much as i could stand) incline level: 2... Continue Reading →

Crossfit & Cleaning

While cleaning my house today, I incorporated a brief crossfit workout: 100 air squats in rounds of 20 100 lunges (50 on each leg while vacuuming) 10 laps (skipping steps) up and down my 4 flights of 6 steps while putting things away

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