Foggy with limited visibility

It's been a really long time since my last thoughtful post. I am feeling extremely scattered and totally not on top of things. Between my new gig, the holidays, and RL in general, I am having trouble getting grounded. Everything is foggy and unclear - and I have limited or no visibility in my life... Continue Reading →

Zen and the art of change

This has been a tough week for me. Making a major lifestyle transition is not easy, there are so many unknowns and that really makes me uncomfortable. Resigning from a very stable job with excellent benefits to this is a major gamble. I have been nervous and worried all week and I am trying to... Continue Reading →

Thankful for Thirty: Day 15: Courage

After 20 successful years of working for non-profit organizations, I have decided to leave the Association world and try my hand at consulting. I have joined a very small, women-owned company to head up their Internet and new media strategy efforts.   I am scared and excited at the same time – this is a... Continue Reading →

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