The Blurry Line of Social Media

As many of you – I spend a lot of time online both personally and professionally. In the age of Social Media, I use a variety of community outlets such as facebook, flickr, youtube, linkedin, twitter, stumbleupon, for both aspects of my life (personal and professional) – and the line between the two is... Continue Reading →

Now why didn’t I think of that?

I have been trying to figure out for years why I am rendered completely useless when it comes to making certain decisions, yet I can be insanely successful in other areas of my life. It's no secret to those close to me that I have been unable to make progress and make decisions about certain... Continue Reading →

Inspired Leadership

In response to posting Barack Obama's "Yes We Can" video, my cousin Michael said this, "It is a moving video, absolutely. Don’t let anyone tell you that supporting Obama is based merely on emotion or passion though (even though his followers are passionate) or that he doesn’t provide detail on his positions. He provides plenty of... Continue Reading →

Why is my blog so random?

I have been reading back through some of my blog posts and realize how extremely random this blog is. I think I have something that a coworker calls "IDD" - Information Deficit Disorder. This blog is proof of my inability to focus on any one thing for long. I read blogs by other folks that... Continue Reading →

Voting from the heart

With heated discussions all around me regarding the Presidential primaries I have had to shut out all the noise and do some serious thinking about who I will vote for and why. If I look at the big picture, things come clear - I will vote for the candidate who's campaign is based on hope, rather... Continue Reading →

What each day brings

Who knows what each day will bring? Should we use our time and try to figure it out, or to worry about what will happen? Should we put all of our energy into trying to force or dictate the direction that we will take? If we do this will we forget about now? Who knows... Continue Reading →

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