Happy Birthday

Dear Mom -  Today would have been  your 71st birthday. It is a beautiful morning with the sun coming up through the trees and the birds are singing in my back yard. You would have liked it here. I bet you would have been a cute and ecclectic older lady. Still with style and grace,... Continue Reading →

life is crazy

Well, it's been a very long time since I posted here. Life has been a rollercoaster as of late and the best I can do is hang on for the ride. The question I keep running through my head is "do I blog the heck out of this or do I save all of my... Continue Reading →

turn tragedy into hope by making a difference

In the wake of the tragedy at Virginia Tech yesterday, I woke up this morning clearly reminded about how fortunate I am to have a healthy and happy family, wonderful friendships, a meaningful job, caring colleagues, and a diverse and close-knit community. My heart is saddened by the fact that people are suffering so much that... Continue Reading →

Walking is good for the soul

another beautiful day. After working all day I spent 2 hours volunteering at school to help decorate the set for an upcoming play. I picked up the kids then came home and took Jasper for a brief 1 mile walk. A great way to end a very busy day. I am committed to walking every... Continue Reading →

Design for team Lumos

I made this design for our team shirt - I actually did the background a while ago as a design for one of our Lord of the Rings gatherings, I just altered the artwork and added the words. What do you think?

Training Begins…

It is absolutely beautiful outside today - and I am proud to report that I began my training today for the Out of the Darkness 20 mile walk this June. Thanks to my friend Lisa who called me and inspired me to get out of the house and just start. We walked for 1 hour... Continue Reading →

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