Brief Update: Some Personal Stats

I ran across a "brief update" entry that posted recently. Thinking it was a good idea, I decided to be not-so-original and post one for myself: A short list of where I am now in my life:  Job: VP Information Management (IT) and Chief Information Officer What I like best about my job: Our... Continue Reading →

Give it up for Molly and Neville

It's been over a month since I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and I have not blogged a word about it. I think it's mostly because I am in denial that there are no more books to look forward to, even the appeal of MuggleCast and PotterCast have worn off, mainly due to... Continue Reading →

What’s playing on my iPOD lately?

I have really diverse taste in music. I listen to my son's skater music, old skool rap & R&B, reggae, celtic, classical, soundtracks, emo, jazz like coltrane and pharoah sanders, house music, and just about everything else except for country. Incubus has long been one of my favorite bands. They recently released a new cd... Continue Reading →

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