A letter to Santa

Dear Mom - Daryn wrote a letter to Santa today and I wanted to share it with you. Here is the translation: Oh Gosh! Christmas already. I love Christmas, the toys, the singing, the tweeting - it's fun. Especially when brings the toys to the children. I be happy for them. Here is my Christmas... Continue Reading →

I remember October

It's October again. The air is crisp and cold, the crows are flying about, the trees are bursting with color. Halloween is in the air and the kids are full of anticipation. Every year at this time I fall in love with life again - for some reason, this time of year makes me feel... Continue Reading →

Kevin Dwyer

I spoke to Linda on the phone today. We were reminiscing about all the people we have reconnected with from our childhood. I was telling her about how I have recently reconnected with Jennifer, and although we have only had a few conversations, our reconnection seems to have brought about a watershed of emotion. Jennifer... Continue Reading →

On the Verge…

Dear Mom - I feel like a woman on the verge. On the verge of many things. Sometimes it is frustrating, and other times it is kind of cool. I am on the verge of having a clean house, a well-rounded dinner, finishing the painting in my kitchen, losing 10 lbs., having money in my... Continue Reading →


Linda's eldest daughters came to visit me this summer. This was the first time in my adult life where I had family visit me. We spend 3 lazy months together - getting to know one another, sifting through family photos, laughing together, and having the time of our lives. During their stay, I got re-acquainted... Continue Reading →


Everyone tells me that I am in denial about you—and that I should be angry with you for many things. Of course sometimes I get angry. I am angry that I do not have someone to look to for advice and guidance, that I had to figure our for myself how to take care of... Continue Reading →


Daryn has been asking about you. She is 7 years old now, the youngest of your grandchildren. She is strong, focused, good-natured and very, very smart. She often asks me questions about why her mommy does not have a mommy. I explain to her that you died a long time ago, and that you are... Continue Reading →


I am 43 years old now. That's 5 years younger than you were when you died. Somehow I still feel like you are 48, frozen in time... Since you left me, I have been to college, traveled modestly, met and married a man, had 2 children, achieved a successful career, adopted a really large dog... Continue Reading →

Hope remains

Dear Mom - Today would have been your 70th birthday. You were 48 when committed suicide, and I was 21. There are so many things that I am thankful for and I wanted to write this letter to let you know. I am grateful to have had a mother like you who loved me unconditionally,... Continue Reading →

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