notes from my daughter

I bought an easel for my daughter at a yard sale this weekend for 3$. One side is a chalkboard, and the other has a giant clip on the top for artwork. Each day when I come home, I arrive to find that the easel has been strategically placed at the front door with a... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Magic

Dear Mom - It's Thanksgiving day today and I am home with my family. Thanksgiving is usually my favorite holiday but I am just not feeling festive today. This does not mean I am not thankful, just not very festive. When I was young you used to make holidays magical. I usually do that too,... Continue Reading →

Things I wish you could have known

Dear mom - I was thinking about you again and how so many things I experience these days remind me of you. Here are some things I think you would have appreciated: 1. My children. they are good-natured, sweet and insightful. All gifts that you gave me and I passed on to them. 2. Where I live.... Continue Reading →

Into the fantastic

Dear Mom - It has been a very long time since I wrote. Life these past few months has become an overwhelming mix of mush. When this happens, I climb back into my hole of denial and try not to connect with what I am thinking or feeling. I am smart enough to know that... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday

Dear Mom -  Today would have been  your 71st birthday. It is a beautiful morning with the sun coming up through the trees and the birds are singing in my back yard. You would have liked it here. I bet you would have been a cute and ecclectic older lady. Still with style and grace,... Continue Reading →


Dear Mom - I feel like I have been standing at a fork in the road for a while now. I have big decisions to make, but I continue to doubt myself. And why should I doubt myself? I know that I am talented and smart and all those things that count. I have this... Continue Reading →

A letter to Santa

Dear Mom - Daryn wrote a letter to Santa today and I wanted to share it with you. Here is the translation: Oh Gosh! Christmas already. I love Christmas, the toys, the singing, the tweeting - it's fun. Especially when brings the toys to the children. I be happy for them. Here is my Christmas... Continue Reading →

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