On Focus and Simplicity, and Moving Forward

I recently finished reading the book "Focus" by Leo Babauta -  probably one of the best books I have read on productivity in a long while. Minus any magic ideas or approaches - he describes simple approaches to productivity, and accomplishing great things.I have many things I want to accomplish over the next few months and... Continue Reading →

Punky takes over

Punky decides to take over Felicity's bed (yes- Felicity, the American Girl doll has a bed). Notice the glowing eyes. Pet cemetery anyone? Needless to say, D was quite upset.

Thanksgiving Challenge

Inspired by this post from Eco Women - I have challenged myself to prepare a Thanksgiving meal with local ingredients. This means that I will build my menu around food that is grown or raised within a 100 mile radius of my home. I will have to do some research, because the local farmers markets... Continue Reading →

Robert the Penguin on Zazzle

robert the penguin | my zazzle store: GeekPress So little D has been writing a series of graphic novels for about a year now, based on her character Robert the Penguin. Today she decided to take create a line of clothing as well. I used to use cafepress for this sort of stuff but I... Continue Reading →

Studio Wasabi – art and inspiration

My sister Linda is an incredible artist. Gifted in ways unimaginable to most of us 'normal folks', she has the ability to see beauty in the ordinary, and create amazing, inspired art with her own hands. She has a new blog, and is currently featuring some of her one-of-a-kind jewelry. All hand-linked with semi precious... Continue Reading →

Summer 2008: things to look forward to

looking forward to: evenings by the pool reading great books hikes in the mountains grilling on my deck weekend mini adventures pomegranate margaritas with my friendly neighbor spending time with my children and my niece harry & the potters show @ the black cat in DC watching my garden bloom cooking with herbs that I grow... Continue Reading →

7 Things

It's no secret that I am on a journey of self discovery - more recently getting more conscious about myself, my choices, and my life. The truth is, it's a double-edged sword. One of the the areas in which I have gained some clarity is around what I want for my life. I can honestly... Continue Reading →

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