Attitude Adjustment

universeI’ve never had much patience for people who are focused on the wrong things.

People tend to “lose the plot” quite regularly and I had this happen to me again last week at work. All I want to do at work is accomplish amazing things, be super impactful, have fun, and get a lot done.  Is that too much to ask?

I have a super-demanding job, where what I am responsible for would be in the hands of 3 different people in any other organization. I don’t mind this  because I really believe in the mission of my organization. In order to be effective though, I require some things in return: flexibility of work hours, locations, and the creative freedom simply to do great things using approaches that work for me.

Now I am a reasonable person, and understand that there is a give-and-take, but I get extremely frustrated when rules are in place that have nothing to do with supporting creativity, innovation, and what employees need in order to deliver amazing results.

I feel like my spirit was squashed last week when I was told that I had to adhere to certain guidelines about being in the office. I live very far from where I work and the commute is exhausting. Now I knew that when I took the job, but this has had an impact on my energy and time that I did not plan for. I simply cannot deliver at the level I have been when adhering to these rules, and it makes me sad.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very thankful for this opportunity and the great work that we do.  The projects and initiatives we are working on are truly transformative, but it is 2016 and we will fail at being an innovative organization if we cannot live it internally. I do not want to be angry or resentful towards my boss who is an extremely nice person. So I have decided not to allow this situation to poison my attitude and choose gratitude over anger and resentment.

In the end, I recognize that it is not my organization to run. I have a good job and do interesting things, and get to work with some amazing people. In the end, I am very fortunate and am thankful for the opportunity and abundance that is in my life.

My lessons from this are to focus on all of the blessings that have come to me thus far, try not to get too frustrated about the limitations that have been placed in front of me, and not be disappointed about the fact that I will not be able to do as much as I had hoped. Somehow, someway I will still do amazing things.

Incredible opportunities are all around me, but in order to experience them I need let go of trying to control everything, and trust in the universe that everything will be OK.

I choose gratitude over anger and resentment

I choose love over fear

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