Why trying to find my passion led to distraction

For many years I was asleep.

Perhaps it was my brain simply trying to protect me from the hurts of the world, both past and present. Or perhaps it was just the”default” mode of operation that I ended up in after years of closing the doors and hiding from the truth of my life during that time.

In 2007, after having 2 beautiful children, 16 years of an unhappy marriage along with many many extra pounds of padding on my physical body, I began to wake up.

Now this is where my story really begins – because in my quest to live a more fulfilled and connected life,  I thought I was supposed to look for my “true calling” and “pursue my passion.” So I set off on a journey to do just that – and now here I am 9 years later feeling like I wandered down the wrong road. I cannot say it’s not difficult, at age 52, to realize all of those years are gone, and daresay wasted?

Fast forward to 2016. I read an article last fall about finding your passion – and why spending all of your time in pursuit distracts you from enjoying the now. #truth. I am over it…

This TED video about “multipotentialites” explains why I have been wondering down the wrong path.

Finally things are starting to make sense.




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