dreamstime_xl_4001328I see you, I touch you and am reassured.
Regal and powerful, I am magical.
Can you ease my pain?
I am yours at this moment, please make my world ok.
Hungry heart, I am unsure.
Don’t cross me, I forget then remember.
Where are you? I am not ok. Leave me alone.
I am thinking. I am not sure about this place, this world.
I am tired but see you and I am ok again.
I look in your eyes, feel your touch and hear your soft voice in my ear.
All is ok.
I can sleep now.
I am fearless. Running, running across the field.
Flying, flying, I am sure I can fly.
I am free, I meet the wind.
I am free. Can you see me?
I am free. I am sure. I am free.
I remember now. I remember you.

I remember love.

Rest in peace, my friend.
Rest in peace, my friend.