2013 Reflection and Gratitude

My Dog Jasper. The most amazing companion ever. 2002-2013, Rest in Peace.

With only a few hours left in 2013, I figure it’s a good idea to take some time to reflect on my journey and to make some decisions around where to apply  my focus in 2014. In this age of distraction it’s really for me to lose my way and not make progress in areas that will really make a difference for me.

In many ways, I face the same old struggles with my weight and finances, and my inability to figure out what my true passions are. I do know that these things are merely symptomatic of a larger issue.  With that said, I have made much progress this year, mainly as an outcome of my membership in Dahn Yoga. More than simply yoga classes, I look at this as going to “mind, body, spirit” school and although I am still very  much on my journey, it has helped me to navigate my emotions, stress, and life in much more meaningful ways.

Monticello Gardens
Monticello Gardens – my number one favorite place in the world

This holiday season has been particularly challenging for me emotionally, and I am thankful to Dahn for giving me the tools (and the community) to help. The loss of my wonderful dog Jasper earlier in December really stirred up the pot on so many emotions, and dealing wth that grief has surfaced many emotions related to my moms suicide and my father’s death while I was young. The suicide of my daughters classmate one week before Christmas was also a sobering reminder of all the hurt and pain that exists. With all of that said, these are reminders of the need for gratitude, kindness, and love – for ourselves and for others. I dedicate 2014 to being kind and loving myself more, so that I can be a role model for others.

A small list of things I am so grateful for:

  • A new job that I love, where I am appreciated and can really make a difference.
  • The ability to provide for my family
  • Two compassionate, kind, thoughtful and insightful children
  • My friends, who don’t judge me and love me no matter what
  • My community at Dahn Yoga, for gently nudging me so that I continue my journey and healing
  • People I grew closer to this year, who are unlikely friends/colleagues and I appreciate dearly (PP)
  • The Firestarter workshop that a friend and I organized and led
  • Wonderful escapes with friends
  • The honor to watch my daughter with all of her strength, beauty, and grace while she participated in gymnastics
  • The many insightful and thoughtful conversations I had with my son David
  • My neighborhood – with the big trees, hills, creeks, eagles, hawks, and so much more – including great neighbors and friends
  • My health and strength
  • My home, with all of its imperfections (like I have to use books to hold the windows up)
  • My old car that keeps on running
  • The gift of each day, seeing the sunrise, and all of the moments in between
View from a friends driveway in Crozet, Va
View from a friends driveway in Crozet, Va


As we move through this day and into tomorrow, I celebrate my community, family and friends, and yes, myself.

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