My most un-favorite things (updated from previous list)

I was reviewing past blog posts and came upon this list from 2008 of my most un-favorite things (part one). I guess this is part two.

Being inspired by this post from Jen on the Edge, I decided to update the list to reflect my current sentiment. Items in green are 2010 additions.

  • More than 3 inches of snow (we have had 58 inches so far this winter). I used to love snow. This past December I had the nerve to complain about how here in Northern Virginia we never get “real” snow storms. Well, be careful what you wish for!
  • Mean, negative people. Really no reason for this. Ever.
  • Air travel, airports, airplanes. Air travel is so very stressful and unhealthy.
  • Big, honkin’ SUV’s. No better way to ‘flip the bird’ to the polar bears.
  • When the temperature is above 80 degrees farenheit. I prefer more moderate temperatures.
  • Pantyhose. ‘Nuff said
  • Flavored coffee. yuk.
  • Cigarettes/smoking. more yuk.
  • Aggressive drivers. Like mean people, there is really no reason for this. Ever.
  • Business suits. Even ‘back in the day’ when I was fly – I hated these.
  • Wegmans. It’s just too much – of everything.
  • Websites that are called portals. What the heck is a portal anyway?
  • McMansions. I am going to insult people with this one, I just know it. Including some of my friends!

Things I removed from the 2008 list (I don’t have a strong feeling either way):

  • wal-mart
  • websites that won’t let you leave
  • escargot

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