Thanksgiving Challenge – local flour, syrup and more in Virginia

So I was worried about some of the more mundane ingredients for my Thanksgiving meal – flour and other grains, maple syrup, etc. While doing some research, I stumbled upon Wades Mill.

A working flour mill (circa 1750), Wades Mill produces all-natural all-purpose white flour—as well as whole-wheat flour, cornmeal, grits, and more—on mill stones.  They also have local syrup, jams and jellies.

Wades Mill products are reasonably priced and are available at several markets in the Charlottesville area

  • Foods of All Nations (Charlottesville)
  • Greenwood Gourmet Grocery (Crozet)
  • Cranberry’s (Staunton), Feast! (Charlottesville)
  • C’Ville Market (Charlottesville)
  • Retail Relay (

For those living outside of the Charlottesville area, you can order directly from them online via their website:

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Challenge – local flour, syrup and more in Virginia

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  1. I stopped by C’ville Market today to buy the flour — and then didn’t buy it. It’s twice as expensive as the already-pricey flour I’m buying at Whole Foods.

    If you are still planning to get some, it’s not with the other flours in the store. Instead, it’s in the walk-in refrigerated produce section.

    1. Thanks for the update! Price does seem to be an obstacle here – even the local, heritage, free-range turkeys are VERY expensive. Could be a blog post in the making about this…

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