Using FitDay

I have decided to use to track my food as well as my nutrients. I want to make sure that I am getting the nutrition that I need to be strong and healty, and FitDay provides a nutirional analysis of not only calories, fat, protien, etc., but also vitamins & minerals. You can also set goals and track your progress against them over time. I can also publish my journal for all to see:

Here is mine:

Best of all, it’s FREE!

I decided to work with a nutrionist on this, so that I have support with adjusting my lifestyle. You will see that this week will be dedicated to getting rid of my sugar cravings, so it is pretty strict. I don’t mind, because I look forward to increased energy and mental clarity.

I am SO full right now I can’t stand it. I still have a snack and dinner to eat!

Wish me luck.

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