Virginia, the Vote, and Inspiration

I am up at 4am. Dressed and ready by 5. Have my coffee in-hand, along with portable soccer chair stepping out the door for what is one of the most exiting, inspiring days of my life. When I arrive at the local high school at about 5:15 am, there are more than 300 folks in line. I have goose bumps.

What inspires me most is the number of young folks, looking very close to 18 – and the diversity in that line. I see so many folks I know from the community – teachers, coaches, neighbors and friends. The feeling is electric – it’s history in the making.

I am inspired today. Inspired and thankful. Thankful to live in a country where we can stand side-by-side with others who we may not agree with, but still show mutual respect. Standing next to neighbors who, in the end, care about the future of this country just as much as I do.

I hope that after today, regardless of the outcome, we can all stand together and do what it takes to make our country strong again.

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