The Blurry Line of Social Media

As many of you – I spend a lot of time online both personally and professionally.

In the age of Social Media, I use a variety of community outlets such as facebook, flickr, youtube, linkedin, twitter, stumbleupon, for both aspects of my life (personal and professional) – and the line between the two is becoming very blurry.

For instance, I use facebook quite regularly in my personal life, and now I am beginning to set up facebook groups for my employer, etc. If I make another facebook profile with my work info, then there will be 2 of me on Facebook – which sort of defeats the whole purpose of social connections, etc.

On the other hand, do I care if those folks in my professional life know that I am an obsessed Harry Potter fan? Or an Obama supporter? Or the fact that I am pro-choice? What books I read? Do I need to be careful about the applications I use and how they may be perceived? Does this have an impact on me professionally?

I really don’t know if there is one clear answer here – but certainly this is something to think about.

Any thoughts?

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