What’s playing on my iPOD?

Here is what I have been listening to as of late:

Soundtrack from the movie “Marie Antionette” which has an eclectic mix of music – mainly vintage “postpunk” along with some classical tunes

Sigur Rós, a very ethereal icelandic rock band introduced to my by my niece

Sum 41 (I can’t help it) – because it is great music and reminds me of watching my son skateboard for hours at Vans back in the day

Le Tigre  – which is described as “American Punk/Electro-pop” my favorite song being deceptacon

Library of Congress series on the digital future (audiobook) – because I have a lot to learn, and this is incredibly interesting stuff

…and when all else fails, there is always PotterCast and MuggleCast

What’s playing on your iPOD??

One thought on “What’s playing on my iPOD?

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  1. ahh… some nice choices there! I just love Sigur Ros right now… Sigur Ros + Mum on yer iPod and backpacking in Iceland, your life will be complete :). Barring that, try ‘Heima’, their 2-disc DVD w/breath-taking scenery and that lovely, ethereal music:


    we went to Iceland New Year’s 2007 and I really want to go back someday… no place like it on earth.

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