What each day brings

Who knows what each day will bring?

Should we use our time and try to figure it out, or to worry about what will happen? Should we put all of our energy into trying to force or dictate the direction that we will take? If we do this will we forget about now?

Who knows the answer?

With each new day we are all afforded the opportunity to improve ourselves, our lives – and that of those around us. We can re-invent ourselves every day, what we do, how we live, the difference we make. Every day we can do something different, learn something new, make someone else (and ultimately ourselves) happy. How cool is that?

If we don’t get it right one day, we can try something else the next. If we don’t like how we felt or something we did, we can learn from it and improve.

Today, I am both thankful and excited about the possibilities.

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