How do you give back?

It is my belief that good fortune is given to us with a purpose – to pay it forward. How do you do give back?

  • Do you give money to support or further a cause?
  • Do you donate your time, skills or expertise?
  • Do you pay it forward and share your good fortune with others so that they can get ahead?
  • Do you connect and engage with others through conversation and understanding in order to create a movement for change?
  • Do you spend time with those who have no one?
  • Do you turn your cause in to your life’s work?
  • Do you randomly give kindness to others?

4 thoughts on “How do you give back?

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  1. Hey,

    It was curious to read your post- I’ve never looked at it this way- given our good fortune we should pay it forward. Surely, its true, that a small act of kindness, a goodly word or a penny donated aren’t simply isolated action but rather interconnected acts- all the more so if consciously passed forward by others.

    I see acts of kindness, helping others, speaking good and so on as something that makes uplifts not only oneself but also others- in times of happiness and sadness. In fact more so in the latter sense. So even if things are difficult, with this reasoning paying forward would be merited.

    Kind regards,

    Dont be sad

  2. Thanks for stopping by!

    It’s really hard to pass along good fortune and extend kindness when we are in a rut or in a bad place, that’s why I believe it’s important that people attain good fortune in their lives – I am not just talking about money either. There are many ways to be fortunate of course – and we should all recognize what we have been blessed with and pay it forward in every way we can. I believe it’s a fundamental life responsibility.

  3. This is a toughie. Are you talking about GIVING for karma’s sake or GIVING as a way to truly help others from austerity like poverty, hunger, homelessness, etc…?

    Many of us (myself included) live with such exorbitant luxuries compared to most on this Earth. I sometimes suffer from guilt when going out to expensive restaurants or getting mani/pedis. I know that my money could be better used by someone less fortunate than me.

    When I drop over $100 on a pair of shoes, I think of how I used to be extremely poor after my mom divorced my dad and remember how she kept a family of 7 kids and herself afloat with 100 dollars in the bank as her safty net.

    Giving money away will help, but on an individual and unorganized basis, it’s not going to solve the problems of the world.

    Now I think of how I live and every now and then, want to GIVE IT ALL AWAY and try to live minimally.

    Of course THAT’S never happening, BUT…

    I like to think that a lot of my *time* is spent “doing” for others. I lend my talents and skills working full time at a non-profit for my sister’s disease community (and put in many extra hours) I try to help my friends, i.e.: from April to December of last year I housed (for free!) 3 different and friends-in-need. I’ve mentored many friends and coworkers and helped them professionally.

    I know I DO more for others than a lot in society, but I feel like I’m in a position to do more.

    Laziness, comfort and financial insecurity stop me from doing more, I think…

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