Technology and a day in real life

There is something very un-Zen about all of this. No wonder why I want to move to the mountains and live like a hobbit.

It is probably questionable whether the spiffy electronic coffee pot can be considered technology. Or the microwave. Or the high-performance dishwasher.  Either way, these are just one example of a day in my oh-so-plugged-in life.

5:00 am: cell phone wakes me up with ringtone: ‘Hedwigs Theme’ from the Harry Potter soundtrack

5:30 am: spiffy electronic coffee pot begins to grind n brew all on its own, gotta love that self timer!

6:00 am: audiobook on iPOD gets me through my commute, hopefully arriving at work a little bit smarter than when I left home earlier that morning

6:15 am: built in navi is on just in case I need am exit strategy

6:15 am: cell phone wakes up the teenager (at least it tries)

6:45 am: arrive at work, plug in iPOD, Laptop and Blackberry (side by side, of course)

6:55 am: Microwave oatmeal

7:00 am: Check email, RSS feeds, Blog Comments

7:00 am – 3:30 pm: Do cool stuff on the Internet (it’s my job)

8:00 am: text message from teenager re: no lunch money left on card

8:01 am: Log on to and put money on the card

8:02 am: Text message back to the teenager: lunchmoney now full

10:00 am: high-performance dishwasher starts at home on its own (due to 4 hour delay setting)

10:30 am:: in the office kitchen pressing buttons on fancy-pants keurig coffee machine (not because I like the coffee, just because it’s fun)

12:00 pm: eat lunch, track points so far today on

2:00 pm: receive mail from my childs school “keep in touch” alert email system regarding potential inclement weather

3:30 pm: get ready to leave, check the DMV website to see which office has the shortest wait time (yes! Virginia DMV actually has connected its take-a-number system to their website, with calculated wait times based on the number of people in the lobby – so you can choose the best branch to visit. This is genius!)

5:00 pm: get recipe from, cook dinner while listening to favorite podcast

7:00 pm: Blog (if the muse visits)

10:00 pm: TiVO records Ace of Cakes

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