I noticed recently that local grocery stores are starting to carry a lot more locally produced items, including wine, coffee and produce. Ultimately this does benefit the local economy and support local business and albeit convenient, it is much more expensive to shop this way. Of course if you have to rely on grocery stores, it is still a good thing to choose locally produced goods in general.

It occurred to me that it would be helpful to make a short list of resources to help folks celebrate the abundance of this beautiful state by enjoying some of what it has to offer.

Buy coffee from local roasters

In Virginia, I found these:

Buy locally grown produce

Use LocalHarvest.org to find any of the following in Virginia (and any other state):

  • Shop weekly at your local Farmers Market
    During Farmers Market season, make it a point to buy everything you can from here. The produce is much less expensive than in stores AND it is fresh and delicious.
  • Participate in Community supported agriculture (many times wonderful, fresh produce gets delivered to your door!)
  • Pick it yourself (this is REALLY fun and supports local farmers) – visit pickyourown.org

Buy (and Drink) Virginia wine

Virginia wines are fabulous – the first vineyards in America’s history were in Virginia. Not only do these vineyards make for a wonderful weekend getaway (see my favorite Virginia Wine Blog), but the wine is excellent.