Why can’t life be like Zappos.com?

I am a Zappos.com junkie – I spend hours on that site browsing shoes, adding things to my favorites, sharing with friends – who knew that there could be a ‘social media’ outlet for the shoe-obsessed? Don’t get me wrong – you will not get the best bargain on shoes here, what you will get is competitively-priced shoes and great service.

But That is not the only magic that Zappos delivers. What they do deliver is just-about-instant-gratification by delivering shoes the next day for free, the most-awesomest selection of shoes ever, absolutely no-hassle returns, and customer service as if I am their only customer – and they act like they care. Why can’t life be more like this in general?

If you search Google for Zappos and Customer service – you will find countless love stories about Zappos. My absolute favorite is the story of the customer service rep who had flowers delivered to a customer: http://www.zazlamarr.com/blog/?p=240

I am loyal to Zappos and can’t stop shopping for shoes. This is becoming a problem.

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