Thanksgiving Magic

Dear Mom –

It’s Thanksgiving day today and I am home with my family. Thanksgiving is usually my favorite holiday but I am just not feeling festive today. This does not mean I am not thankful, just not very festive. When I was young you used to make holidays magical. I usually do that too, but for some reason I am struggling today.

 I figured that it would help to share this with you and remind myself about the things that I am thankful for today:

1. My children. They are my number 1 source of inspiration (and sometimes stress).

2. I have options. I have a created a life for myself that is full of options. The challenge is to figure out which doors to open (and to close)

3. The ability to appreciate the little things. Everything from the color of the leaves, to the smell of rain, to the sound of morning. I have met people who miss out on this because they are too caught up in their own drama.

 4. My pets. Because they love me, unconditionally.

5. That I am able to appreciate you. No one is perfect, and I understand that. I am not angry at you for what you did – I just miss you. I try to focus on all of the wonderful times that we had and all of the important lessons you tought me. I will continue to think about this today as we give our thanks.

That is all for now. I love you always and miss you dearly.


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