Conversation with my 8 year-old

This was the conversation this morning while shopping at our favorite store – Target:

Daryn: “Mom, will you buy me this journal?”

Me: “Daryn, you have like 10 journals at home already”

Daryn: “But mom, I have a big life … I NEED lots of journals”

2 thoughts on “Conversation with my 8 year-old

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  1. awww, what a sweetheart! I wonder what he’s writing about… and what construes a ‘big life’ to an 8 year old. Would you/have you ever read them?

  2. She writes about her likes and dislikes – and they seem to change depending on her mood. She also writes books. I love that she does this! On another note, I am sorry I have not responded to your other comment. Life got a bit crazy, but I would love to “chat” with you about what you are looking to do. I will be in touch soon…

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