Thankful for Thirty: Day 8: home

My home is far from perfect. Most of the time it’s a mess and it needs major TLC. Nonetheless it is the place that I am happy to return to, it is comfortable and just big enough to give us all breathing room. Rather than focus on all of the things about my home that need fixing or upgrading, I wanted to focus on the comfort and safety it brings. When I come home after a long day and I am happy to be here.

I chose this house because it has so many windows, lot’s of light, open and unique spaces, a large kitchen and a quaint deck. I have a very large pine tree in my back yard which provides privacy and shade, and my bedroom windows open into the tree. We have lived a very comfortable and happy life in this house, and I am thankful that my children have a place to call home – a place that, many years from now, they can look back on with fond memories.

I am lucky. I am home.

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